Be a witness to understand the coexistence of lifeforms and plants

Our nature is combined under the sense of “symbiosis” and “coexistence” between animals, plants and fungus. It is our brand value and belief that both life and nature need mutual respect, mutual understanding and tolerance. The same principle applies to human beings when we learn to get along with others.


The fungus is the route to heaven and humanity is generated from good hearts. Together, we look up to nature and honor the nation.

GRUSONN is a combination of 'Grüne' and 'Sonne', two German words meaning Green and Sun respectively.

Grusonn's business operations encompass six synergistic areas:

Wellness & HealthScientific Research
Organic FarmGreen Tourism
Environmental AwarenessSociety Empowerment

Wellness & Health - Therapeutic benefits of natural ingredients

With the knowledge & scientific discovery from our research, we convert medicinal-culinary mushroom into powerful supplement, essence, drinks, pure powder etc. Bringing the therapeutic benefits from natural ingredient to the people, replenish nutritions, nourish health & strengthen our bodily functions.

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Scientific Research - Discover Natural Treatment

Since we started our organic mushroom cultivation farm, we are fascinated by the medicinal qualities within mushroom. We have actively involved in International Research & Development, learn and discover the immense health benefits hidden within our natural resources.


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Ganofarm Innovative & Invention International Scientific Award

Organic Mushroom Farm - Healthy Diet

Eating a balanced diet is the most important factor in healthy living. Combined with Western cooking techniques and Chinese food therapy concepts, Grusonn surprises guests with its innovative mushroom meals. This diet is not only delicious but also balanced and salubrious.

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Green Tourism - Returning to Nature

It’s our innate desire to rejuvenate our wellbeing in  nature. Thus, Grusonn advocates green tourism into our organic mushroom farm at Tanjung Sepat, providing not only a comfortable nature-centred homestay but an opportunity to explore mushroom farm & mangrove forest. Our homestay also provide culinary powered by freshly harvested mushrooms.Visit Us at Ganofarm

Environmental Awareness

Grusonn business made us realise the symbiotic relationship between humans and environment. At our business facilities across West Malaysia, we participates in many initiatives that inspires environmental awareness. Our permaculture centre in Tanjung Sepat is the base ground we reconnects with nature.

Society Empowerment

Last but not least, Grusonn supports non-governmental organisations by promoting their activities and sponsoring our facilities for their activities.